Barry-Callebaut 2002

Model-based prediction of migration-fatbloom on chocolate

Fatbloom is a problem in chocolate industry giving high economical costs. Fatbloom is the recrystallization of one stable polymorphic form (chocolate can crystallize into 6 different polymorphic forms) into another more stable form. Fatbloom is even a greater problem in filled chocolates (e.g. pralines) due to migration of some fats from the filling into the chocolate coating. Using different techniques (DSC, texture analysis, rheology, triglyceride analysis, NMR,), the objectives of this project include (1) to understand the concept of fatbloom formation, (2) to characterize fatbloom formation, especially in the case of migration-fatbloom and (3) to develop a model of fatbloom formation that considers variables that can be measured immediately after production.

Project duration: 2001-11-01 - 2003-10-31

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