Model-Based Optimisation of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WDD)

Model-based cycle of learning

The project has two complimentary modules:

  1. Model quality evaluation
Dynamic modelling of activated sludge systems has been shown to be a powerful tool for diverse aspects of the management of wastewater treatment plants: optimisation, upgrade, control, etc. However, the calibration of these models still remain as the bottleneck in the overall application of models.
The aim of this part of the project is therefore to develop and evaluate model-based optimization methodologies for full-scale Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs). Two important concepts were drafted to this end: (i) use models in a continuous cycle thereby creating a knowledge base about the application of the models for full-scale WWTPs. (ii) use a life-cycle approach to evaluate and monitor different stages involved in a life-time of a model, i.e. models are born for a certain purpose (optimization of operation, developing control algorithms, reduction of sludge production, upgrade, etc); are used in practice and then are wasted away.
  1. Software development
Traditionally, modelers of full-scale wastewater treatment plants spend quite some time analyzing and manipulating data gathered from several sources. Beside this timeconsuming task, the modeler is also faced with a very difficult optimization problem in which the model is often overparameterized with respect to the available data, causing the presence of numerous local minima in the objective surface. Therefore, one of the goals of the MORE project is to develop software for efficient calibration of full-scale wastewater treatment plants. The MORE software consists of several modules including (1) data acquisition / manipulation and analysis, (2) steady-state calibration, (3) identifiability analysis and global dynamic calibration, (4) scenario analysis.

Project duration: 2004-07-01 - 2007-07-01

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