Minimum Effort Calibration of ASMs

Optimal Calibration of Activated Sludge Models

The objective of this project is to establish a systematic calibration procedure oriented at minimum effort calibration for Biological Nitrogen Removal plants. The minimum effort calibration of the BNR system is to be based on an OED driven calibration procedure. Two main dimensions of designing a calibration strategy relies on optimal combination of :

  • Lab-scale: The best available experimental methods developed to characterize the influent wastewater and the kinetics of the biomas activity
  • Full-scale: Accurate description of the process layout and flow scheme of the wastewater treatment plant i.e. the layout, hydraulics, operation and control aspects of the wwtp .

An initial introduction to a systematic calibration procedure for a general WWTP is given in the report of the Biomath calibration protocol (Vanrolleghem et al., 2002). Accordingly, the measurement campaign required to characterize (to identify) system dynamics and as well as the laboratory experiments will be designed using OED principles. In this way, it is aimed to design a cost effective optimal calibration strategy for the system combined of a chosen ASM and Wastewater treatment plant. A schematic description of the project is given in the following figure:

MECASM picture 1

The integrated sensor:

An essential componet of the project is the development of a robust sensor that is able to provide high quality (accuracy), information rich data to be used in the identification of rather complex ASM models. For this purpose the respirometric-titrimetric set-up developed by Gernaey et al., (2001)has been extended to include nitrate measurements as well such that the identification of the anoxic compartment of ASM could be possible. The preliminary experimental results with the so called integrated sensor appeared to be quite promising and powerful which has been published in Sin et al. (2002).

Project duration: 2000-09-01 - 2004-03-31

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