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Integrale Mobiele PROceswatervoorziening voor een Economische Delta

The Zeeland Delta is a region coping with intense industrial activity and a scarcity of fresh water supplies. This forces companies in its borders to look for innovative solutions to optimise their water balance, like "reuse" of wastewater, short-circuiting the water cycle. Putting this into practice however is a slow process, due to many uncertainties that are involved with the introduction of new practices in existing process schemes. There is the crucial aspect that one needs to determine the process water quality needed for closing this water cycle without compromising the stability of the process, but also without overshooting its quality so costs and energy are efficiently spent. The IMPROVED project will build 3 state-of-the-art mobile research facilities that serve to

  • purify the water in the most efficient way
  • estimate the effect of corrosion or biofilm growth on the distribution system
  • test the impact of the water quality on the downstream process
The IMPROVED project is subvented by The interreg V “Vlaanderen-Nederland” program, a program for transregional collaboration with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. More info : (in dutch).

Project duration: 2016-01-01 - 2018-12-31

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Dorien Gaublomme
Department of Applied Mathematics, Biometrics and Process Control
Coupure Links 653
9000 Gent
Tel: 09 264 59 37

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