Wastewater Treatment and Climate Change

Mitigation and Adaptation through Real-time Control

The project is a joint project with Univerite Laval (Canada). It consists of two major parts: (1) impact of climate change on WWTP operation and (2) impact of WWTP on climate change.

The former investigates the impact of hydraulic shock loads on the performance of both primary and secondary settlers. The current 1D models that are used in plant-wide models of WWTPs are not able to describe this behaviour. The approach will be a combined CFD-PBM model that is able to yield a detailed description of the system under different hydrodynamic loads. This model will then be reduced to extend 1D models that can be used in PWM models for developing control strategies during extreme events.

A second part of the project investigates the production of N2O from bioreactors. The latter is a strong greenhouse gas and hence contributes to climate change. Models will be further developed, calibrated and validated. A novelty will be the usage of compartmental models for better spatial description of local dissolved oxygen concentration. The latter are important with respect to several processes that result in N2O.

Once models have been extended, control strategies will be developed to mitigate both impacts.

Project duration: 2010-06-01 - 2012-05-31

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