Adding an instrumentation, actuator and control layer to WEST

Adding an instrumentation, actuator and control layer to WEST

Current procedures for the design of WWTP controllers are usually based on long and very expensive experimental studies. In this respect, the availability of WWTP simulation tools specific for control design would allow automation companies to establish and complement experimental procedures with enhanced procedures based on mathematical modeling and simulation. In addition, WWTP simulation software companies will find in automation companies a further potential market for selling their software products.

Accordingly, the objective of this proposal is to design, implement and validate new simulation tools for practical control. Based on this WWTP virtualization, it will be feasible to manufacture enhanced and cost-effective control products, tested by simulation previous to their full-scale implementation. To achieve these objectives, 3 software layers will be developed: Mass, Instrumentation and actuation & Automation and control layers. These developments will then be tested both at industrial and urban WWT scenarios.

This work will be driven by 3 SME developers (M4W, software simulator, MSI, automation company, and NASKEO, environmental engineering) and 2 end user (SCAD, SME as industrial WWTP, and AGIPUZKOA as urban WWTP). They trust in the know-how of 3 key RTDs in this sector (CEIT, mathematic modeling and conventional control expert, UGENT, computer science expert, and INRA, advanced control and anaerobic digestion expert).

Due to this project, 3 exploitable results will be developed: WWTP Software simulator, Advanced controllers, Enhanced treatment technologies.

The BIOMATH task is to build the sensor and actuator layer by defining dynamic models for both sensors and actuators (pumps and blowers), including their energy consumption. The latter will allow developing control strategies for energy savings.

Project duration: 2009-06-01 - 2011-05-31

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