Hello everybody. The BIOMATH wiki was started with a few goals in mind:

  • Give new members a starting point for all things related to IT. This includes registration of new members, how to use the calculation cluster, how to install and use the printer.
  • Serve as a first aid kit when troubleshooting. Such as problems you have while running unfamiliar software, using the calculation cluster, solving specific hardware problems.
  • Post existing problems and their solutions you encountered yourself. When you encounter a problem that hasn't been documented yet, post it and describe the solution.
  • Provide manuals and howto's for software and hardware wich is commonly used by the Biomath group.

Everyone that has an account for this wiki is invited to expand it and correct when required. Don't be afraid to try out new things! Click here to go to the BIOMATH Wiki (log in required).

Last update: 01 december 2008,

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